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5 Free Reading Apps for Parents to Utilize

Reading is fundamental-especially in the middle of a pandemic! We all know the importance of reading. With schools transitioning to virtual learning and public libraries being closed, it is critical to keep our students reading and knowing the tools that we can use to help them stay engaged. Here are some apps and websites students can use to have access to free books and other literacy content.  
Epic: This app is a popular tool used by teachers. There are over 35,000 free books, quizzes, learning videos, etc. The site is organized by age and even the most popular books and award winners. Students will love the books they find here. Access here. 
Starfall: This is an engaging site that provides supplemental instruction to teach children to read. It connects reading with music and engages students with various concepts in the areas of reading. Access here.
Storyline Online: An award-winning site, children can listen to some of their favorite stories being read aloud by famous actors and actresses. You can choose from three video options to view the read aloud.
ReadWriteThink Student Interactives: Within this interactive piece of the popular Read, Write, Think website, students have the opportunity to ‘engage in online literacy learning with these interactive tools that help them accomplish a variety of goals- from organizing their thoughts to learning about language- all while having fun.” What a creative way to involve students in literacy!
PBS Kids: We can’t forget about our youngest learners. PBS Kids has more than 70 reading games around their popular children shows. Children can learn letters, rhyming, vocabulary, and engage in a variety of other subjects. The interactive games are sure to keep their attention.
What other websites do you recommend?

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