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A Letter to My New Student

To my new favorite student, 
Although I enjoyed my #TERSchoolFreeSummer, words can’t describe how I feel about meeting you and getting to know you this year. 
I want you to know that things won’t always be perfect. I won’t always be nice and bubbly. Sometimes, you may get the sour side, like a Sour Patch Kid, except I’m a Sour Patch Grownup. 
I’m not here to be your best friend, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not here for you. That doesn’t mean I don’t want the best for you. In fact, there are times when I will want more for you than I will for myself. I want you to go on a take over the world, become president, or invent the next amazing piece of technology. I don’t want those achievements, but I want them for you. 
There will be times you don’t like me. There will be times you think that what I’m giving you is too hard. I’m not expecting to be your favorite teacher, but I would love to be one of the teachers who changes your life for the better. 
There have been a lot of events happening in our world today. A lot of negative words have been said and done to people who look like you, including your parents, friends, and family. Maybe you’ve felt scared at times. You’ve felt like hiding who you are or trying to act like or look like someone else to stay safe. 
Who you were born to be is what this world needs. You may be young, but you are still powerful. Don’t let anyone take away your voice or your right to be who you were meant to be. Not a government official, not a racist citizen of our society, or even a family member who just can’t understand you. 
I want you to know that in my room, you will be safe. You are safe to be who you were born to be. 
That doesn’t mean stop doing homework or staying focused because you feel you were born to be free and roam the Earth. You’re not getting out of it that easy. What it means is that you have an ally. You have someone who is looking out for you. You are in the presence of a person who believes in you, mistakes and all. 
I’m here to assist you in unlocking the knowledge you already have. I’m here to guide your learning as you explore new concepts and ways to better yourself as a scholar and citizen. 
I’m not just in front of you teaching because of some standards and outcomes. I’m here because teaching is a calling and I answered it. I made the conscious decision to embrace and love every child that walks in my door, no matter their skin color, background, or beliefs. When I put in my application as a teacher and signed my contract, it wasn’t just for the check (trust me). It was to make a difference in the lives of young people that enter my room every year, no matter where I am. 
If you learn nothing else in my room this year, (which I’m praying won’t be the case), walk away knowing that you’re not alone. Walk away confident that you will always have at least ONE person in your corner, cheering you on as you grow and flourish. 
Walk away knowing that I love you…and nothing will change that. 
Your new favorite teacher

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