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#ArmMeWith Starts a Movement Among Teachers

Last night Twitter and Instagram exploded with thousands of photos of teachers with a sign detailing what teachers really need for their classrooms using the #ArmMeWith hashtag. This movement was in a show of solidarity with the students from Parkland, Florida who are advocating for common sense gun laws following 17 students and teachers killed last week at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Started by The Superhero Teacher, Brittany Wheaton, and Olivia Bertels, @missbertals, this campaign is aimed at teachers to “take a stand and say we will not accept another one of our students being lost to another school shooting.” 
Taken as a direct response to lawmakers and some members of the community who suggest arming teachers will somehow stop the rash of school shootings across America, thousands of teachers had downloaded the link here. With all participants voicing what teachers really need in lieu of being armed with guns. Take a look below and follow each account for more of their demands and support the #ArmMeWith hashtag across social media.


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