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[Episode 52] Teaching Controversial Topics in Elementary School

“You can start teaching social justice to students when they’re young enough to suffer from social ills.”
In this episode of The Educator’s Room podcast, we talk to two elementary school teachers, LaNesha from Education From An Apron and Naomi from Read Like a Rockstar about teaching K-5 students about controversial topics. From Charlottesville to Hispanic Heritage month, these teachers have decided that it’s not only important to teach social studies from a social justice lens, but also make sure that all students understand why various cultures are important. From creating resources that speak to students to engaging in difficult conversations about why social studies is so important in the  K-5 curriculum, these teachers are ready to teach to the heart of all students.
During this podcast we cover:
the need for social studies in all K-5 classrooms
how they create resources without biases for their K-5 students
how teachers can advocate for their students without solely focusing on Black History Month in February
and much more.
For more information on how to reach Naomi and LaNesha, please look below.
Read Like a Rockstar:


Education with an Apron


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