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[S3E1] Why Every Teacher Should Get a Career Counselor

Statistics show that during the first five years of teaching, the majority of new teachers will leave the profession. What’s even more staggering is trying to figure out what do these teachers end up doing after they leave the field of education?
In the opening of Season 3 of our podcast, we interview Andrea Holyfield from LiveWellCPS as she gives some honest advice not only for teachers trying to leave the profession but those who want to stay in the profession. Andrea presented at our Teacher Self-Care Conference and attendees were BLOWN away with the practical advice she gave for teachers to transition to other careers.
During this conversation we discuss:
the biggest mistakes teachers make when looking for jobs.
the types of jobs that are actively looking for teachers
how to transfer your skills from being a classroom teacher into corporate America
and much more!
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To get ahold of Andrea, please check out her website ( and tell her found her on our podcast!

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