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Why I Like to Start the Year with a Poetry Unit

Figuring out how to begin the school year can be intimidating.  You’ll be setting the tone for the rest of the year, and you will never quite get the same amount of energy or hard work from your students as you do while the year is still fresh.  (Ever notice that every single kid does his or her homework on the first day of school?)  I’ve tried all sorts of things, from jumping into Shakespeare or a long novel to starting with a short story unit to starting off with a personal essay unit.  And one of my favorite ways to begin the school year is with a poetry unit.
These are the reasons why:
It teaches students to look at all of the elements of literature, not just plot.  From individual word choices to the way that the structure of the whole creates meaning, we can get at all of the literary elements.  We’re not bogged down with the details of who’s who or what happened when.  Instead, we can start analyzing and discussing and really unpacking—and we don’t have to worry about plot.

Intresting essay samples and examples:

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